I don’t really work like other authors do. When I want to create a story, I make up a gallery of personalities; what they look like, what qualities they have. I never make any plots. Then I pick out some music that might be useful and… then I take my headphones on and simply write what the music inspires me to.

Here I’ll show you some of the videos to the music I actually used when I wrote my stories. They are quite different. The music inspire to the actual events told in my books. There’s a song almost for everything I write. And yes, I’m looking for music exactly everywhere and some does not have any videos, as the indian music I found on a festival and used for “Sagan om Arathea”. But links to them, you find on the page “Music”

Dark Tranquillity, Lost to apathy, inspired to one of the fights you’ll find in “The legend of the medallions – Nayem, the nousferatu”

Enya, The River sings which triggered an event in “Sagan om Arathea”

Bond, Allegretto. The music that began the whole story about “The legend of the medallions – Nayem, the nousferatu”.

Era, Don’t go away. Used for “Sagan om Arathea”

Covenant, Like tears in rain. Used for “Aminox – Soldater”.

VNV Nation, Illusion. Used for “Aminox – Soldater.”

Hammerfall, Never ever. Used for “Sagan om Arathea”.

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