I do not work as most other authors do; in total silence. When I write, I listen to music. I have a huge interest in all kind of music. Since I can’t share the music, I will give you links to their official sites, where you will find more info about the bands as well.

ERA, is one of my favorite bands. Their music I listened to, when I finished my work with ”Arathea”. You find them here;

Another CD I listened very much to while writing ”Arathea” was ”Apaches”. The link on the CD goes to : but I can’t find the CD itself there. Anyway, perhaps you can ask for it; it’s native american music.

Enya is another of my favorites used for ”Arathea”.

For the first part of ”The legend of the medallions – Nayem the Nousferatu” I used Bond. and also Corvus Corax :

Also for the second part ”The legend of the medallions – Divinia the friend” I used Gregorian,, Clannad ; and also The Campbells;

For ”The legend of the medallions – Meleador, the father” I used another type of music ;http:// and these guys I saw live at medieval games. I bought their CD right away: and I used it while I wrote the fourth part of the legends.

In forth part I also used this! I’ve been a fan since 1988:) In fifth part; ”The legend of the medallions – Nayem, the fate” I chose a totally different type of music. Hard and raw (and clear favorites) ;

But.. Loreena McKennitt I just had to listen to for the last writing in the five manuscripts about Nayem; She’s also one of the artists I listen to now, while Im working on the third part of ”Aminox”.

With photos, music and by studying human behavior, I create the mix for all my stories.

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