People always ask from where I get inspiration for my books. Well, the truth is I love history, music and nature. That’s all I need to create a story. People around me, inspires me to my characters. I can sit on a bus, only observing how people behave. That is enough to create a new char in a novel. I’ll show you some places I’ve seen, which so far have inspired to ”The legend of the medallions” (eng, soon also in swe) ”Aminox” and ”Arathea (swe only)

The old brewery in Halmstad. Built 1774-76. Its surrondings is fantastic, especially at dusk. The building get a special light from a downing sun and… it’s magic.

This photo I took at 6.30 in the morning. The light is outstanding, and everything is quiet that early in the summer. Hard not to be inspired by it.

This one I also took a very early morning. You almost expect wild animals to come out there.

Who could have walked here? Who drove their wagon here? Early mornings are great to get nice, magic photos.

Nature takes back its place, when nobody interfere. This is an old furfarm, no longer in use. It’s twentyfive years since they stopped with that.

Anotherone of those small roads I found while walking my doggy.

Yet another. But who walked here, and why? On their way to school or work? To an adventure?

This place inspired a scene in ”Arathea” where she takes a swim. I used to go there to fish when I was younger.

This is Glimminge Castle. They began to build it 1499, ordered by Jens Holgersen Ulfstand. Anybody can visit, it’s open for tourists.

Recontructed blacksmith at Glimminge. This one inspired to the blacksmiths found in ”The legend of the medallions”

Glimminge castle is full of mysteries. Archeologists believe this room was created for soldiers and that information, I used in ”The legend of the medallions”.

This room, was used for bowmen. But in my novel ”Aminox” I used it as a sleepinghall for the pages.

This picture is taken at Ekeby castle. We were very lucky to be there when the archeologists at place, showed skins from horses, which they rigged as they believe it once looked like after a sacrifice. A week after, swedish authoroties forbid the event. Permission was needed, and the archeologists did not get one.

This is a reconstructed building, as the archeologists believe it looked during the first period of Ekeby castle about 400 after Christ was born. There are also houses reconstruted from the third period;1170-1240 a.Ch. This place is also open to the public.

Halmstad castle, built for the danish king Christan IV 1595-1618.

Halmstad castle from another angle. This castle I used for ”The legend of the medallions”.

This, is Norre Katts Park, created around 1850 in Halmstad. I used this for one of the gardens in ”The legend of the medallions”.

Norre Port in Halmstad. This citygate stood ready 1601, when Christan IV was the king. I used this in ”The legend of the medallions”.

Another lovely photo of nature, which I used In both ”The legend of the medallions” and in ”Aminox”.

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