This is a painting of Demour, the odd king, in my book ”The legend of the medallions”. I painted it already 2007.

This is a painting I made after a description I found in one of the books about Belgariad.

A painting I made while listening to Autodafeh’s music 2008.

A painting I was working on, when a friend of mine bought it as it is. Wasn’t really finished:)

Legolas I painted for my daughters birthday.

Again a painting inspired by Autodafeh’s music.

And another one painted 2008.

A painting from ”Aminox”, one of my swedish books. At first I wanted it as my cover picture, but I rethought and chose a photo instead.

This was a funny experiment I made. First I took a photo of a snake and another of an axe. I made them into one drawing, scanned them and played a bit in photoshop. Result you see here.

And the second one I played with in a similar way. Photoshop is a very fun program to use.

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